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Name: Eric
Age: 30
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Name: Dipper Pines
Canon: Gravity Falls
Age: 12
Timeline: After "Into the Bunker" (Episode 2 of season 2)
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A

Personality: Dipper Pines is a boy who can't wait to grow up. Most of his personality can be drawn back to this point. His mental image of an adult is someone who is intelligent and rational, with a serious and professional attitude. As such, that is how he tries to act. He takes pride in his intelligence, his power of logical deduction, and his maturity. He is relentlessly curious and driven to search for the causes behind the things that happen to him.

He does NOT take pride in the fact that he is kind of a shrimp. Dipper is rather unimpressive (Though perhaps not quite so much as he was at the start of his summer in Gravity Falls). Despite his fervent desire to be a Cool Old Person, he's still 12. He still hasn't really hit puberty yet, and is terribly self-conscious about it. Half of his cool, intelligent attitude is an attempt on his part to seem older than he is, but he still is waiting for chest hair to come in, for his voice to stop cracking, and to just be able to stop being a kid.

Dipper really is only half of a pair, though. His twin sister, Mabel, is without a doubt his closest and best friend. They have known each other for literally their entire lives. They finish each other's sentences sometimes, they know all their habits and moods, and they rely on each other in unfamiliar situations. When he received the advice "TRUST NO ONE", the idea of not trusting Mabel barely even flickered through his mind before being immediately discarded. Their conflicting personalities mean that they might get into fights sometimes, but they always make up quickly. They've willingly worn matching costumes for Halloween every year for heaven's sakes!

Dipper is perhaps not the best, socially. He's a bit of a control freak sometimes, and has a bad habit of over-planning everything, frequently with elaborate lists and diagrams. He's quite intelligent, but this usually just helps him be dumb in more complicated ways. His sister has always had better luck making friends, and he's always been a little jealous of that.

Background: Gravity Falls wiki and Dipper's character page.

Short version, Dipper and his twin sister were shipped off from their home in California to their great uncle's home in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer. Strange things live in Gravity Falls, like triangular mind controlling demons, or armies of gnomes. Dipper and Mabel try to deal with all of these while still having a fun summer.

Abilities: Ordinary human checking in.

First Person: Have a testrun post

Third Person:
"Attention everyone, attention. I have an announcement to make!"

Dipper tried to look as impressive as his unimpressive frame could manage, but there was something off about him that made it hard to actually listen to him. "I was displeased to discover this morning that while I was sleeping, someone had stolen my hat!"

THAT was it. His ever present pine tree hat was missing! He went on, pacing back and forth for all the world like a miniature Sherlock Holmes discussing a murder. "Now as you know, respect of personal property is very important thing that we all hold dear, so..." And so on and so on.

After a minute of trying to guilt people into helping, Dipper slowly started realizing no one was paying attention to him. His brow furrowed in annoyance. "Guys this is serious!"

A few people looked his way, but no one seemed terrible concerned. Dipper fumed and stomped off to figure out where it was by himself. This wouldn't have happened if he were taller! Or...if he had a noticeable physique. Or if his voice didn't crack all the time. Or if he had chest hair...


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